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【1:3】PHP Development
1 Name: Nameless:2023/02/09(Thu) 14:11:45 ID:lyYKBYf0
How are your PHP skills going, world2ch?

8 Name: A guy who doesn't know how to code in PHP:2023/03/09(Thu) 13:09:20 ID:d/er/T8B
I don't know how to code in any language. PHP is a coding language, and therefore I do not know how to code in PHP.

9 Name: leci:2023/03/10(Fri) 02:01:11 ID:jaCnMmPQ
test hello from /g/

10 Name: sselemaN:2023/03/10(Fri) 21:59:23 ID:dvFdOYG1
tihs gniog sti

11 Name: Nameless:2023/03/20(Mon) 13:04:40 ID:aamFhPqD
I was good at it 10 years or so ago, but no longer.

12 Name: Nameless:2023/04/12(Wed) 05:59:00 ID:yhXkufa5
Using PHP on a college project, well its a very good language.

13 Name: Nameless:2023/04/13(Thu) 19:22:06 ID:HC/Hns9Y
Testing IP ban

14 Name: Nameless:2023/04/25(Tue) 13:43:07 ID:TjwjkCua
They've been getting a lot better.

15 Name: Nameless:2023/04/28(Fri) 05:29:17 ID:0IjE4IU8
stop being a retarded nigger

16 Name: nulcow:2023/08/03(Thu) 10:27:43 ID:ONMkX3bf
I'm writing my organisation's website in PHP, but I would say I know too much about it. I'm not too big a fan of Node.JS and related things because you pretty much have to build your whole website around them.

17 Name: gc:2023/12/25(Mon) 05:25:19 ID:???
@nulcow you build your webserver around the platform you choose.
any other services need not be associated with node as long as they speak JSON.

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1 Name: Nameless:2023/03/25(Sat) 06:35:53 ID:/AycX4aw
What are your thoughts on Vichan now that it is going to be more actively maintained?

2 Name: Tate:2023/03/25(Sat) 09:55:32 ID:???
Kolyma taking Vichan under their wing is a net positive for altchans.

3 Name: :d-216-189-162-169.fl.cpe.atlanticbb.net

4 Name: Nameless:2023/05/15(Mon) 08:38:18 ID:MNK31oyF
I hate Kolyma

5 Name: Nameless:2023/05/17(Wed) 03:30:38 ID:KLNe6uJY
I love Kolyma

6 Name: Nameless:2023/12/13(Wed) 05:17:14 ID:P70uO7AB
vichan is bullshit

7 Name: Nameless:2023/12/14(Thu) 08:54:25 ID:Z4kUjf2w
how can i make a textboard whit vichan?

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【3:8】Old Computers & Software Thread
1 Name: Nameless:2023/03/29(Wed) 23:32:49 ID:JCjMB20a
This thread is dedicated to old computers, old software, old operating systems and other /tech/ related old things!
inb4 it's <current year> (´・ω・`)!!
inb4 it's unsafe to use old software (we know you fucking fool (´∀`))
Enjoy (・Д・)

2 Name: Nameless:2023/04/07(Fri) 13:09:46 ID:95PIO8wi

3 Name: Nameless:2023/04/11(Tue) 10:04:54 ID:OaNJNCYF
will always like an xp setup

4 Name: Nameless:2023/05/21(Sun) 06:29:52 ID:???
Attempting to post from a Windows 3.11 VM (=^.^=)

5 Name: Nameless:2023/05/21(Sun) 07:28:27 ID:+XR+QLM2
It really cool that it worked: https://files.catbox.moe/j3sqi6.png

6 Name: Nameless:2023/05/25(Thu) 13:58:36 ID:EP1bHSs6
I wonder how old you can push it.

7 Name: Lynx User:2023/05/29(Mon) 07:34:31 ID:zrz+NNFY
I was able to get it to run pretty nicely without a GUI on lynx browser.

8 Name: Nameless:2023/12/25(Mon) 07:25:06 ID:+y7tCQu2
Lately, I've been playing around in Icaros Desktop, a modern interpretation of AROS Research Operating System which is a nice AmigaOS style operating system that has been going strong for nearly 30 years.

It's pretty useless and while you could use it as a daily driver for basic things with some effort...you wouldn't really want to unless you were autistic about AmigaOS. But nonetheless it's a fun little project to play around in. I really like the old GUI they had for it. Here's some screenshots, it has that classic 1990s non-Apple and non-Microsoft operating system look. Similar, but a bit uncanny and unpolished: https://vmwaros.blogspot.com/p/screenshots.html

9 Name: Nameless:2023/12/29(Fri) 13:23:55 ID:4baSFYlN
What do people use to make their desktop look like those late 90s/early 00s desktop enviroments?
Yes. I am an illiterate in technology. Not sorry.

10 Name: Nameless:2023/12/30(Sat) 21:57:57 ID:MLMbPS8S
the background image is a huge thing

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【4:4】Windows XP Thread
1 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/02(Wed) 05:38:01 ID:oSLwNRiK
"Yes you can"
- The advertising slogan

      /´  `;、
.    /_  / ``''''7
   /   `;' 、___,,./
.  / ___  /   /
   ´   ``ヽ、__,/
   Windows XP

2 Name: Nameless:2023/08/12(Sat) 09:36:22 ID:a1qmlJO1
No you cant.

3 Name: Nameless:2023/09/12(Tue) 04:00:42 ID:K+wD7p6S
No I wont.

4 Name: Nameless:2023/09/29(Fri) 00:14:32 ID:uxIzR3cD
I'm still using teh Windows XP... I'll have to stop connecting to the internet from now on ( ´,_ゝ`)

Such is life. I tried posting on here with MS-DOS but it doesn't work.

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【5:10】What's good Linux distro
1 Name: Nameless:2023/10/02(Mon) 05:42:56 ID:AcVQkfsY
I need help switching over from /tech/
which should I pick? Gen2?

2 Name: Nameless:2023/10/04(Wed) 11:29:40 ID:8J3zzXRn

3 Name: nagato ◆nTSevHyPxQ :2023/10/09(Mon) 01:01:47 ID:q47ufAFh

4 Name: Nameless:2023/11/16(Thu) 13:35:44 ID:1oJdRC6f
I have been using Ubuntu for a decade or so

5 Name: Nameless:2023/12/12(Tue) 00:01:23 ID:5Inu6u80

6 Name: Nameless:2023/12/15(Fri) 21:38:39 ID:g2frKefS

7 Name: Nameless:2023/12/20(Wed) 23:24:29 ID:J0waVrmJ
>>4 lmfao

8 Name: Nameless:2023/12/25(Mon) 07:16:58 ID:+y7tCQu2

9 Name: Nameless:2024/01/02(Tue) 13:35:47 ID:1Se8ZyND

10 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/01/05(Fri) 07:29:43 ID:1qR8DA2u
I use Linux Mint with XFCE.

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【6:3】What are you working on?
1 Name: The Penis-Man:2023/12/04(Mon) 04:13:47 ID:GQ7R3Tm8
What technology-related proje

2 Name: gc-divide:2023/12/18(Mon) 08:47:09 ID:???
"3d imageboard" in development
image/3d model/hyperlink uploads
no registration required
virtually infinite addressed space (a massive lexical spiral)
warp to any space (short alphanumeric strings)
chat room, can see other users in the space in real time
embedding of urls such as chan threads (right click objects)
editing of object placement
directory listing what zones have how many objects
is free
Comment too long... to read the whole thing, click here.

3 Name: gc-divide:2023/12/18(Mon) 08:55:27 ID:???
click "Read all"

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