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PHP Development

1 :Nameless:2023/02/09(Thu) 14:11:45 ID:lyYKBYf0
How are your PHP skills going, world2ch?

2 :Nameless:2023/02/18(Sat) 01:20:15 ID:EIgBiNWG

3 :shit:2023/02/21(Tue) 12:18:52 ID:???

4 :Nameless:2023/02/27(Mon) 12:10:03 ID:G83QTvJx
My PHP skills are very subpar

5 :jr ◆3SHRUNYAXA :2023/03/02(Thu) 01:07:43 ID:2drUjHql
>How are your PHP skills going, world2ch?

6 :not the best but it's alr.:

7 :Nameless:2023/03/08(Wed) 02:45:18 ID:p1ppVleo
i don't know how to program :^)

8 :A guy who doesn't know how to code in PHP:2023/03/09(Thu) 13:09:20 ID:d/er/T8B
I don't know how to code in any language. PHP is a coding language, and therefore I do not know how to code in PHP.

9 :leci:2023/03/10(Fri) 02:01:11 ID:jaCnMmPQ
test hello from /g/

10 :sselemaN:2023/03/10(Fri) 21:59:23 ID:dvFdOYG1
tihs gniog sti

11 :Nameless:2023/03/20(Mon) 13:04:40 ID:aamFhPqD
I was good at it 10 years or so ago, but no longer.

12 :Nameless:2023/04/12(Wed) 05:59:00 ID:yhXkufa5
Using PHP on a college project, well its a very good language.

13 :Nameless:2023/04/13(Thu) 19:22:06 ID:HC/Hns9Y
Testing IP ban

14 :Nameless:2023/04/25(Tue) 13:43:07 ID:TjwjkCua
They've been getting a lot better.

15 :Nameless:2023/04/28(Fri) 05:29:17 ID:0IjE4IU8
stop being a retarded nigger

16 :nulcow:2023/08/03(Thu) 10:27:43 ID:ONMkX3bf
I'm writing my organisation's website in PHP, but I would say I know too much about it. I'm not too big a fan of Node.JS and related things because you pretty much have to build your whole website around them.

17 :gc:2023/12/25(Mon) 05:25:19 ID:???
@nulcow you build your webserver around the platform you choose.
any other services need not be associated with node as long as they speak JSON.

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