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Old Computers & Software Thread

1 :Nameless:2023/03/29(Wed) 23:32:49 ID:JCjMB20a
This thread is dedicated to old computers, old software, old operating systems and other /tech/ related old things!
inb4 it's <current year> (´・ω・`)!!
inb4 it's unsafe to use old software (we know you fucking fool (´∀`))
Enjoy (・Д・)

2 :Nameless:2023/04/07(Fri) 13:09:46 ID:95PIO8wi

3 :Nameless:2023/04/11(Tue) 10:04:54 ID:OaNJNCYF
will always like an xp setup

4 :Nameless:2023/05/21(Sun) 06:29:52 ID:???
Attempting to post from a Windows 3.11 VM (=^.^=)

5 :Nameless:2023/05/21(Sun) 07:28:27 ID:+XR+QLM2
It really cool that it worked: https://files.catbox.moe/j3sqi6.png

6 :Nameless:2023/05/25(Thu) 13:58:36 ID:EP1bHSs6
I wonder how old you can push it.

7 :Lynx User:2023/05/29(Mon) 07:34:31 ID:zrz+NNFY
I was able to get it to run pretty nicely without a GUI on lynx browser.

8 :Nameless:2023/12/25(Mon) 07:25:06 ID:+y7tCQu2
Lately, I've been playing around in Icaros Desktop, a modern interpretation of AROS Research Operating System which is a nice AmigaOS style operating system that has been going strong for nearly 30 years.

It's pretty useless and while you could use it as a daily driver for basic things with some effort...you wouldn't really want to unless you were autistic about AmigaOS. But nonetheless it's a fun little project to play around in. I really like the old GUI they had for it. Here's some screenshots, it has that classic 1990s non-Apple and non-Microsoft operating system look. Similar, but a bit uncanny and unpolished: https://vmwaros.blogspot.com/p/screenshots.html

9 :Nameless:2023/12/29(Fri) 13:23:55 ID:4baSFYlN
What do people use to make their desktop look like those late 90s/early 00s desktop enviroments?
Yes. I am an illiterate in technology. Not sorry.

10 :Nameless:2023/12/30(Sat) 21:57:57 ID:MLMbPS8S
the background image is a huge thing

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