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favorite game

1 :RIR5:2023/06/02(Fri) 09:23:59 ID:x6nizspJ
favorite gam thread

2 :Nameless:2023/06/02(Fri) 15:38:40 ID:64FOyPRS
I really like Mario 64. I grew up on the DS version, but both versions had really good music, level design, and ambience. No wonder so many YouTubers use its OST!

3 :Nameless:2023/06/04(Sun) 05:14:02 ID:4YTymOVI
The Stanley Parable!

4 :Nameless:2023/07/16(Sun) 07:02:22 ID:AryAKHT6
The Hotline Miami Duology

5 :Nameless:2023/07/26(Wed) 06:29:33 ID:4zOjVjO0
Whatever lets me shoot the giraffe

6 :Nameless:2023/07/28(Fri) 09:52:54 ID:Xu3dLV82
trails in the sky

7 :Nameless:2023/07/31(Mon) 09:31:22 ID:E9ZuXDm8
Baldurs gate II

8 :ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/22(Tue) 07:09:31 ID:CXLq/x57
I've played the Big Adventures of Owata's Life. \(^o^)/

9 :Nameless:2023/08/28(Mon) 17:28:09 ID:etdb791o
I've played Ace attorney on my DS, I'm planning to play it on the PC version.

10 :404sm:2023/09/02(Sat) 09:42:04 ID:SodRHXLt
Terraria, probably.

11 :Nameless:2023/09/07(Thu) 13:36:06 ID:eArljl9a
Super Mario World

12 :Nameless:2023/09/10(Sun) 00:33:38 ID:vOWnmF3M

13 :Nameless:2023/09/25(Mon) 02:24:02 ID:3L06ANVi
minecraft 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

14 :Nameless:2023/10/02(Mon) 05:36:59 ID:BAqo5EUv
Is there any game worth playing right now?

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