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why did you bring back World2ch

1 :Anonymous:2022/12/23(Fri) 03:00:00 ID:S0RvTqMx
Why and how did you bring back one of the coolest parts of internet history. How did you bring back the domain and as well set up the software and hosting. I was not even alive when 2ch, World2ch, and 4chan were made. I want to know why you brought this here.
Thank you, love - random anon

2 :Anonymous:2022/12/23(Fri) 04:16:06 ID:tCLNiMNc
Sometimes instead of "why?", people ask themselves "why not?"

Beyond that, the admin just bought the domain once it became available and installed (and translated) a few instances of 0ch+ and fikaba scripts to a server. No witchcraft or sacrificing of first-borns required

think a lot of people over-glorify the original world2ch... it was a tiny, slow, and short-lived website of no real influence or impact, besides the historical footnote of (probably) being the first English-language 2ch-clone. It was still operated by a Japanese guy though, and half the users were Japanese natives writing in broken English, so its debatable whether it really counts

3 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/23(Fri) 12:01:55 ID:3chA0LV0
Basically what >>2 said.

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/27(Tue) 05:21:59 ID:+neEEJ53
I like that puts a lot of perspective to this. Thanks man :) And Ik how textboard and old Futaba software works I remember forking the shit out of Futaba wall. Have a good day sir
Love, Anon

5 :Anonymous:2022/12/30(Fri) 13:22:32 ID:+fw3WXDw
I love that people bring back this. Some of us reached a point where we need to relive this old internet nostalgia. Thanks everyone.

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