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1 Name: jr:2023/01/29(Sun) 04:24:27 ID:++fO136q

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/29(Sun) 11:00:51 ID:???
I was planning on keeping it only temporarily, but I'll keep it up indefinitely for now, since it allows world2ch to differ from other BBSs.

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【2:4】Posting from TOR
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/28(Sat) 03:14:22 ID:x3bDzdrG
If you read this, you can safely post on world2ch using TOR

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/28(Sat) 03:15:43 ID:x3bDzdrG
hell yeah this works :D
thanks w2ch admin for letting us use TOR and other proxies probably too

3 Name: jr:2023/01/28(Sat) 08:16:04 ID:vGOAk3en

4 Name: TOR toaster:2023/01/28(Sat) 17:19:25 ID:0A11King
just visit through world2ch.net and bang, you are using w2ch through the safest VPN and Proxy out there!!

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1 Name: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:2023/01/10(Tue) 10:26:56 ID:???

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/14(Sat) 08:03:11 ID:???
Did everything end up alright?

3 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/24(Tue) 17:43:37 ID:MxASnKV1
he pissed himself in anger

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【4:3】Barq's, A&W, or Mug Root Beer?
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/15(Sun) 14:23:13 ID:5Z13pjTT
I personally prefer Mug, since it doesn't have caffeine and has a more sweet taste.

What does world2ch prefer?

2 Name: jr:2023/01/15(Sun) 21:01:14 ID:Unr3WUEP
A&W is pretty good in my opinion.

3 Name: Mug Enjoyer:2023/01/19(Thu) 12:10:56 ID:nLuWEnp3
I like mug bcuz of te badass lookin dog on the can.

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【5:33】Kuz's possible acquisition of 4chan
1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/02(Fri) 18:52:15 ID:MgA9TBVn
What does world2ch think about Kuz possibly acquiring 4chan?

24 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 03:41:10 ID:rTieZNWM

;. &
#;: & C'mon buy 4chan already
! ! !
. !& !
: #
& &#
. #
: & &
# & :#
# . & !
! . #; :
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25 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 04:28:11 ID:0vkS1L0A
>>22 Why you try to delete thread?

26 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 19:06:51 ID:xBtKP4zO
>(and has had the gall to get mad and complain about getting banned to kaguya afterwards)
lol what
when did this happen?

27 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/13(Tue) 03:59:44 ID:s4xxt0zX
K♥♥Z BUY WORLD2CH PL0X ヽ(>▲<)ノ

28 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/14(Wed) 05:15:55 ID:???

29 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/15(Thu) 07:48:58 ID:???
teen thread

30 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/17(Tue) 14:26:46 ID:FD8W4m3T
I don't trust a guy who owns a website dedicate to soyjak and raiding to be a 4chan admin.

31 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/18(Wed) 04:16:21 ID:P1Kq5ES4
>>30 the owner of this site owns soyjak.wiki so suck it up

32 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/19(Thu) 16:05:57 ID:???
I swear imageboards have always been managed by fucking teenagers.

33 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/20(Fri) 18:51:58 ID:???
>>32 hold up then kuz would be the exception to this (hiro too)

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1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/06(Tue) 17:06:38 ID:QfO/VSwE
Post music you like:

    ⎝ ⍢ ⎠
      / ~ \

2 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/06(Tue) 17:09:19 ID:U82vERBl
Some Las Vegas heavy metal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6Dp53OeQk

3 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 12:50:03 ID:/zrHloO3
Saverio Celestri - Bloody Stories (deep house)

4 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/12(Mon) 06:26:00 ID:dp3cqMD1
A nearby radio station keeps playing Bob Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisited', and now I hear the lyrics inside my head.

5 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/13(Tue) 04:39:21 ID:amxSxEBf
403 - Southern Cross (SNES cover from a certain Mario hack)

6 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/05(Thu) 04:29:08 ID:6O7afvm4
electric angel - len kagamine and rin kagamine made by giga-p
a bit basic and maybe cringe but i dont mind. this song absolutely bangs


7 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/12(Thu) 13:28:57 ID:eMrI++Ss
This is also good. It truly does feel like the drive from Los Angeles to Vegas.

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【7:5】New Year's Resolutions
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/01(Sun) 13:14:48 ID:72ST0ahH
Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
If so what are they?

And do you think you will actually follow through with them?

2 Name: jr:2023/01/01(Sun) 13:57:32 ID:L5iBb0WJ
I plan to learn some Japanese, or some Spanish this year. Mostly, i'm not too sure if I will follow through with this, because i'm not really any good at Japanese. But i'll hope.
P.S. Happy New Years world2ch!

3 Name: Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2023/01/01(Sun) 17:49:28 ID:Cjj+q+dZ
Pretty much just get to university, somehow, and do good in community college in the meantime.
(I took a bit of a break from college by joining then leaving the workforce in 2021/22.)

4 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/04(Wed) 04:12:26 ID:YnR1BFYe
to stop masturbating this much

5 Name: Sam:2023/01/05(Thu) 04:24:47 ID:???
plan to get to community college somehow, apply to some four year colleges outside of america etc.. between that, im learning korean and spanish and im pretty excited. i feel good about this year. happy new year world2ch users!

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【8:5】why did you bring back World2ch
1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/23(Fri) 03:00:00 ID:S0RvTqMx
Why and how did you bring back one of the coolest parts of internet history. How did you bring back the domain and as well set up the software and hosting. I was not even alive when 2ch, World2ch, and 4chan were made. I want to know why you brought this here.
Thank you, love - random anon

2 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/23(Fri) 04:16:06 ID:tCLNiMNc
Sometimes instead of "why?", people ask themselves "why not?"

Beyond that, the admin just bought the domain once it became available and installed (and translated) a few instances of 0ch+ and fikaba scripts to a server. No witchcraft or sacrificing of first-borns required

I think a lot of people over-glorify the original world2ch... it was a tiny, slow, and short-lived website of no real influence or impact, besides the historical footnote of (probably) being the first English-language 2ch-clone. It was still operated by a Japanese guy though, and half the users were Japanese natives writing in broken English, so its debatable whether it really counts

3 Name: Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/23(Fri) 12:01:55 ID:3chA0LV0
Basically what >>2 said.

4 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/27(Tue) 05:21:59 ID:+neEEJ53
I like that puts a lot of perspective to this. Thanks man :) And Ik how textboard and old Futaba software works I remember forking the shit out of Futaba wall. Have a good day sir
Love, Anon

5 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/30(Fri) 13:22:32 ID:+fw3WXDw
I love that people bring back this. Some of us reached a point where we need to relive this old internet nostalgia. Thanks everyone.

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【9:4】What happened?
1 Name: jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 10:35:14 ID:PlcMhPqL
There's a burst of activity in the Japan textboard. Did someone advertise this site somewhere?

2 Name: jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 10:36:10 ID:PlcMhPqL
They said they came from "Onj". But what is Onj?

3 Name: jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 10:41:54 ID:PlcMhPqL
They came from "おんj". It was hard to translate, It's one of the Open2ch boards. Not too surprising considering the person who said he came from open2ch.

4 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/29(Thu) 14:40:24 ID:TJ79sdk1
It appears to be from the thread they linked: https://hayabusa.open2ch.net/test/read.cgi/livejupiter/1672216159/
although it's blocked outside Japan.

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1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/28(Wed) 17:49:23 ID:V8fnaxlw
I`m open2ch in inhabitant
nice too meet you.

2 Name: jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 01:13:44 ID:PlcMhPqL

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