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【1:6】What comes next?
1 Name: Nameless:2023/08/06(Sun) 03:45:20 ID:DXPrSYET
In the 20s and 30s you had Bolshevism and Anarchism. In the 60s and 70s we had anti-Soviet Marxism. In the 90s and 200s we had jihadism. But what radical ideological movement does the youth have today? Is Gen Z just a sell out generation and the closest thing to youth rebellion is watching Andrew Tate videos or shitposting on /pol/?

2 Name: Nameless:2023/08/06(Sun) 04:21:49 ID:Mx6+1q+c
you're looking right at it, they're already in the establishment. promoting another failed take in socialism , using different first world countries as ideas testing for the Scandinavian communist socialist twink gay future and i don't want any part in it

3 Name: Nameless:2023/08/07(Mon) 10:12:03 ID:OfdB4ez9
Scandinavia is communist? What?! It's just woke neoliberalism on horse steroids. Today, every kid wants an Apple computer, cheap food, and to get laid whenever they please. So there is no youth rebellion anymore. Nobody wants to change the system, they want to be part of it and suck horse cocks all day because "muh consent" and "muh freedom" and "muh human rights."

4 Name: Nameless:2023/08/08(Tue) 03:53:00 ID:IOFPgv3W
well now jewish people hate sex and jennifer lauren...

5 Name: Nameless:2023/11/16(Thu) 17:02:32 ID:+XigXpnn
Jewish people are causing too many problems.

6 Name: Nameless:2023/12/07(Thu) 18:31:11 ID:uteJ2yYA
Jewish people don't cause problems, problems cause Jewish people

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1 Name: Nameless:2023/08/12(Sat) 09:34:16 ID:OfM7vcoi
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2 Name: Nameless:2023/08/12(Sat) 09:34:37 ID:OfM7vcoi

3 Name: ewauihjofauerijqe98fzjsd89fioadsjf9iosdfajsdf9i:2023/08/12(Sat) 09:58:52 ID:tdrgSSQG

4 Name: Nameless:2023/08/21(Mon) 04:50:24 ID:???
quality content

5 Name: Nameless:2023/08/21(Mon) 15:10:27 ID:flUu+FZg

6 Name: Nameless:2023/11/05(Sun) 06:02:12 ID:dPr2EFmZ

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【3:2】ITT: We take it easy!!!
1 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/02(Wed) 05:18:07 ID:Saibjkdr
   _,,....,,_  _人人人人人人人人人人人人人人人_
-''":::::::::::::`''>   ゆっくりしていってね!!!   <
ヽ::::::::::::::::::::: ̄^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^ ̄
 |::::::;ノ´ ̄\:::::::::::\_,. -‐ァ     __   _____   ______
 |::::ノ   ヽ、ヽr-r'"´  (.__    ,´ _,, '-´ ̄ ̄`-ゝ 、_ イ、
_,.!イ_  _,.ヘーァ'二ハ二ヽ、へ,_7   'r ´          ヽ、ン、
::::::rー''7コ-‐'"´    ;  ', `ヽ/`7 ,'==─-      -─==', i
r-'ァ'"´/  /! ハ  ハ  !  iヾ_ノ i イ iゝ、イ人レ/_ルヽイ i |
!イ´ ,' | /__,.!/ V 、!__ハ  ,' ,ゝ レリイi (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン ).| .|、i .||
`!  !/レi' (ヒ_]     ヒ_ン レ'i ノ   !Y!""  ,___,   "" 「 !ノ i |
,'  ノ   !'"    ,___,  "' i .レ'    L.',.   ヽ _ン    L」 ノ| .|
 (  ,ハ    ヽ _ン   人!      | ||ヽ、       ,イ| ||イ| /
,.ヘ,)、  )>,、 _____, ,.イ  ハ    レ ル` ー--─ ´ルレ レ´

2 Name: Nameless:2023/10/31(Tue) 21:50:19 ID:DfWnAdwx
Jelly-san puts in so much effort but nobody appreciates his posts (;__;)

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【4:6】A little introduction...
1 Name: ツボ人 ◆cFrY9rTqtHhw :2023/09/03(Sun) 07:48:56 ID:c3YvPOOg
Hi, I'm Manjaruntu.
Some of you might know me as the founder of Heyuri's Steam group.
I'm not that much of an active poster, but I'm very knowledgeable about computers, among other stuff. I'm autistic, but not in a bad way. I also know a good amount of Linux-related stuff, and mostly chat on IRC as of now. I'm hoping to be more active, as well as sharing my interests with you all.

2 Name: Nameless:2023/09/06(Wed) 12:00:49 ID:Y8n9+SR/

3 Name: Nameless:2023/09/10(Sun) 01:57:11 ID:bpovZHxd
hello there

4 Name: Nameless:2023/09/13(Wed) 22:26:41 ID:bkIfptTq
Manjarutu-san what's the best Linux distro for otakus and chan fags ?

5 Name: ツボ人 ◇cFrY9rTqtHhw :2023/10/17(Tue) 02:40:29 ID:j2B8yHAR
The best Linux distro is AIDS

6 Name: Nameless:2023/10/31(Tue) 21:48:33 ID:DfWnAdwx
Manjarutu-san how do I patch the KDE 2 on the FreeBSD?

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【5:7】WTF happening with Kuz
1 Name: Nameless:2023/07/25(Tue) 09:38:49 ID:YWu5LpwH
Is Kuz dead? What's happening with Kolyma?

2 Name: Nameless:2023/07/26(Wed) 15:32:30 ID:ZRihxbQj
kuz is still around. He did a sign off and has pretty much left the public: https://www.kolyma.net

3 Name: Nameless:2023/07/28(Fri) 11:32:26 ID:gZDEe7Em
This is some kind of joke right? Kuz getting gay cancer. Sounds too good to be true.

4 Name: Nameless:2023/07/29(Sat) 10:45:03 ID:iDQVKwGi
Keep in mind that in Russia, HIV isn't even an STD, blood transmission is the most common vector there. Russia also has a literal HIV epidemic, it was in top 5 countries with highest portion of new HIV infections in 2021, right after South Africa, Mosambique, Nigeria and India

5 Name: Nameless:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:08:23 ID:DXPrSYET
I'd say he deserved it, but giving us Heyuri more than makes up for his past antics.

6 Name: Nameless:2023/08/24(Thu) 05:07:24 ID:YSx0Hrh5
How he get HIV?

7 Name: Nameless:2023/08/29(Tue) 20:42:23 ID:hlklfM5n
He's accused of raping two teen boys in Russia. He could have got it from blood transfusion or hospitals in Russia where the disease is rampant or just heroin use which is more likely.

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【6:3】i havent seen jr in a while.....
1 Name: Nameless:2023/08/09(Wed) 16:45:13 ID:Nf+wvASe
show yourself faggot! we know your lurking

2 Name: jr ◆nTPTLV5zO1J/ :2023/08/12(Sat) 09:21:18 ID:trW3S0KR

3 Name: shirus29:2023/08/12(Sat) 09:31:29 ID:???
My name m

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【7:6】/lounge/ Refugee board
1 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/03(Thu) 09:36:42 ID:DQ4FbxO6
Due to the Heyuri shutdown on August 4th, I have announced I have made a refugee board for Heyuri's /lounge/.

2 Name: Nameless:2023/08/03(Thu) 13:07:42 ID:kxu4OMjl
It's not real, thankfully.

3 Name: Nameless:2023/08/05(Sat) 08:11:45 ID:PyaIZxQc
can we have a new board

4 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/08/05(Sat) 14:14:17 ID:???
Yes. What board do you want?

5 Name: Nameless:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:18:38 ID:uN6wRf4t
I want a gyaru and ganguro board as well as one dedicated to the homemade production of nuclear weapons.

6 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/07(Mon) 07:25:55 ID:Fs94/A4q
>>4 /gline/ - We want it so bad.

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【8:16】Barq's, A&W, or Mug Root Beer?
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/15(Sun) 14:23:13 ID:5Z13pjTT
I personally prefer Mug, since it doesn't have caffeine and has a more sweet taste.

What does world2ch prefer?

7 Name: Nameless:2023/02/27(Mon) 11:32:07 ID:HL5sQ2A2
Bangs because it's the most fun to say

8 Name: Nameless:2023/02/27(Mon) 12:51:24 ID:59mlT6QX
I like Oliet Bangs

9 Name: Tate:2023/03/24(Fri) 06:15:40 ID:???
>tfw you always thought it was called Barqs

10 Name: Nameless:2023/05/14(Sun) 22:42:19 ID:odp3ovBh
Barqs is the best. Mug is also okay. A&W is a distant third I think. It's too sickly sweet.

11 Name: Nameless Nietzschean:2023/05/31(Wed) 06:14:29 ID:KpoOHqZ2
Read Nietzsche, stop drinking.
Temperance ヽ(´ー`)ノ

12 Name: Nameless:2023/06/18(Sun) 10:43:08 ID:rMhdENkc

13 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/07/18(Tue) 12:24:02 ID:LF+DVpTc
Root Beer at McMenamins, >>1

14 Name: Nameless:2023/07/23(Sun) 02:49:20 ID:sQBwDN/C
What about K&N root beer?

15 Name: Nameless:2023/07/28(Fri) 09:57:56 ID:GbsS89VV
>>11 wasn't plato the temperance guy?

16 Name: riffle up ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/08/05(Sat) 02:09:09 ID:NgtBMS21
root beer straight from the cock

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【9:38】Kuz's possible acquisition of 4chan
1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/02(Fri) 18:52:15 ID:MgA9TBVn
What does world2ch think about Kuz possibly acquiring 4chan?

29 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/15(Thu) 07:48:58 ID:???
teen thread

30 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/17(Tue) 14:26:46 ID:FD8W4m3T
I don't trust a guy who owns a website dedicate to soyjak and raiding to be a 4chan admin.

31 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/18(Wed) 04:16:21 ID:P1Kq5ES4
>>30 the owner of this site owns soyjak.wiki so suck it up

32 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/19(Thu) 16:05:57 ID:???
I swear imageboards have always been managed by fucking teenagers.

33 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/20(Fri) 18:51:58 ID:???
>>32 hold up then kuz would be the exception to this (hiro too)

34 Name: Nameless:2023/03/04(Sat) 04:26:01 ID:xAxY0rPh

35 Name: Nameless:2023/06/06(Tue) 07:03:04 ID:pjR6tJ64
I guess kuz isn't buying 4chan anymore. ( ´,_ゝ`)

36 Name: Nameless:2023/06/12(Mon) 11:54:40 ID:J9mCg+Ih
Kuzzy ku

37 Name: Nameless:2023/06/19(Mon) 05:06:58 ID:cww6snFg
Can't be any worse than Hiroshima.

38 Name: Nameless:2023/07/31(Mon) 09:37:29 ID:uMvnE2Yy
Who the fuck is Kuz?

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【10:1】( ´∀`)<ぬるぽ
1 Name: ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/07/18(Tue) 12:19:18 ID:LF+DVpTc

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