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1 :jr:2022/12/07(Wed) 04:56:08 ID:6ibYA84N
feels liek the font changhed

2 :jr:2022/12/07(Wed) 04:58:15 ID:6ibYA84N
>Submona is now the default for all boards

3 :Anonymous:2022/12/10(Sat) 21:00:05 ID:???
This "jr" guy seems pretty dim, that's my main impression from this website. He's shitting all over it. A common fate of quiet boards. It would be slightly less noticeable if he posted anonymously. Can you think of any namefag ever who didn't reduce the quality of a board?

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 00:51:07 ID:czQUQ8wd
> It would be slightly less noticeable if he posted anonymously.

5 :Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 04:47:59 ID:0vkS1L0A
Typical namefag behavior
Also fuck off sagetard

6 :Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 07:20:09 ID:???
i think angeleno should force anonymity on /lounge/
>>5 SAGE!

7 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/11(Sun) 08:44:50 ID:nJD5iNCG
This isn't 4chan. 2channel (and by extension world2ch) customs are different.

8 :Anonymous:2022/12/11(Sun) 21:08:35 ID:4SWFeZDF
I recognise him from other websites he shat in. Posting with a name means if you make one shitty post, you associate it with every other post they make. Part of the fun of anonymous boards is the exchange of ideas judged on their own merits, without any prejudice based on who is speaking. When I'm scrolling downwards and see the name before the post, I'm already thinking "What's this twit saying now?". I'm not saying people should never post with a name, sometimes it's useful, but when it's unnecessary there's a danger that you'll be marked by the regulars. I can't recommend it to amateurs.

9 :jr:2022/12/12(Mon) 18:37:45 ID:???
>>8 do you want me to suck your cock? because I will suck your cock all day and night if I have to

10 :Anonymous:2022/12/13(Tue) 07:54:35 ID:???
>>9 Imagine sageing your own thread lol Bozo 🚬

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