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File: 1673618818330.png (50164 B, bnran.png)ImgOps
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50164 B Name Anonymous 23/01/13(Fri)23:06 No. 179  
To whoever is reading this, my identity will not be leaked. I have an unfortunate story to tell. I was browsing the Oddkast Podcast Discord when I got a DM from a user. The user had a profile pic of real life Squidward with the name "BURN NIGGERS RAPE ALL NIGGERS" in capital letters. I decided to disregard that message, since I always got DMs from people that acted like bots, but wanted to read it anyways. The user asked "WHO ARE YOU" I then blocked the user, because I thought it was some alt. However the user kept typing and somehow still speak with me, which I thought was weird. He kept saying "WHY YOU BLOCK ME" I thought this was weird, so I tried troubleshooting. I continuously blocked him, but he kept sending messages such as "HELLO I AM SPEAKING TO YOU" This was starting to get weird as he kept messaging me, even though I blocked the account. He did not seem to share any servers, or mutual friends with me which seemed the more weary. The account then began to try and call me. I tried to decline, but it did not work. After several minutes of attempted calls from the user, I had decided to answer his call. I asked "Hello?" What I heard afterwards was disturbing, and I will never forget it. A deep, raspy voice asked me if I knew any niggers. I said no, because I lived in an all-white neighborhood like any respectable man. He then asked if I was a nigger myself. I said no and he didn't believe me. He started telling me why I'm a total piece of shit for being a nigger, and recited my address, full name, and social security number, as if they were hilarious jokes in it of themselves.

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