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1: Add Gikopoi to the frames(3)  2: what the fuck happened to the imgboards?(2)  3: Bringing more people here(1)  4: implementing paintbbs neo on /oekaki/?(2)  5: Thoughts on a Korean Board(4)  6: Would this count as an arashi post?(2)  7: Skinz(5)  8: I cannot install zerochEN (;´Д`)(2)  9: Reporting Illegal Content(4)  10: I have a request to make of admin.(2)  11: Make the Japan board run on the jp(3)  12: safe only imgboard(6)  13: Ban request(3)  14: low quality posts(4)  15: ban kuz(6)  16: add a Japan board(2)  17: what happened to 0037(1)  18: Mandate that /oekaki/ posts actually be oekaki(1)  19: OOooooo(1) 
Thread List
【1:3】Add Gikopoi to the frames
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/29(Sun) 17:01:33 ID:4CbJy+2Y
for easy acces (・∀・)

2 Name: jr:2023/01/29(Sun) 20:54:15 ID:SsNp6yQS
i touhht it would b there too

3 Name: jr:2023/01/29(Sun) 22:31:23 ID:SsNp6yQS

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【2:2】what the fuck happened to the imgboards?
1 Name: jr:2023/01/26(Thu) 21:35:21 ID:PxTzuw14
It throws a shitton of errors now

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/26(Thu) 23:56:05 ID:a3tPnIW2
Was testing something and forgot to revert it.

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【3:1】Bringing more people here
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/26(Thu) 15:09:10 ID:a3tPnIW2
how do you think we bring more people here?

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【4:2】implementing paintbbs neo on /oekaki/?
1 Name: jr:2023/01/22(Sun) 23:39:35 ID:mqe3x9ZP
The oekaki software that Futaba and 4chan uses

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/23(Mon) 03:10:52 ID:???
Attempted to do that a while ago, but paused work on it due to very little documentation on how the software works. The current temporary band-aid fix was to add an undo button to the current software.

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【5:4】Thoughts on a Korean Board
1 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/21(Sat) 16:47:13 ID:???
What would be your thoughts if there was a Korean board made? It would be similar to /japan/, but for Korea.
I don't really know of any image/textboards with a Korean board, even though Korean culture might have even eclipsed Japanese culture in popularity.

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/22(Sun) 04:43:42 ID:mG1b8EGU
ilbe storehouse

3 Name: jr:2023/01/22(Sun) 12:54:21 ID:mqe3x9ZP
i'm not interested in korean culture but let's see what everyone else has to say

4 Name: jr:2023/01/22(Sun) 23:44:41 ID:mqe3x9ZP
I guess we didn't have to (´人`)

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【6:2】Would this count as an arashi post?
1 Name: jr:2023/01/21(Sat) 01:12:17 ID:IVbu4ZYt

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/21(Sat) 02:47:34 ID:???
It might be.
Since arashi behavior means
* Repeated slanders to an individual or group
* Posting completely off-topic material repeatedly, while obviously being aware about it
* Flooding existing threads or creating unnecessary threads with reckless abandon

Although the post doesn't appear to be any of those. The post in question might be worthy of an autosage though.

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1 Name: Tripfag:2022/12/06(Tue) 04:04:00 ID:O9LRktgt
Add moar of them to /imgboard/ and /oekaki/

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/11(Wed) 10:41:04 ID:???
(sorry for the very delayed response)
For the imageboards?

I'm completely open to adding as many skins as people want and a skin changer for the imageboards. The skin changer that Fikaba uses is b0rked, and was completely removed from futaba-eki, so I'd have to make a new one or someone else may have to submit a pull request with one.

3 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/13(Fri) 07:01:04 ID:JQ7VDimR

4 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/20(Fri) 22:56:03 ID:Gnca/DIA

5 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/21(Sat) 00:33:42 ID:Wbh1dS24

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【8:2】I cannot install zerochEN (;´Д`)
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/18(Wed) 09:19:44 ID:HFi0O8nI
when I run bbs.cgi is says
syntax error at ./module/galadriel.pl line 191, near "elsif"
Missing right curly or square bracket at ./module/galadriel.pl line 1352, at end of line
Compilation failed in require at bbs.cgi line 113.

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/18(Wed) 10:56:44 ID:???
The bug you listed was due to a missing right curly bracket, which was never added to the github code.
It has been fixed.
Seeing that you already have the program installed, you should be able to just replace galadriel.pl with the new one on github (and set it to 755) and it should work just fine. /(^o^)\

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【9:4】Reporting Illegal Content
1 Name: Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2023/01/07(Sat) 14:16:51 ID:Eib2Envw
If any illegal content arises, please report it here instead: http://world2ch.net/report.php

This way, I can delete it way faster.
Thank you.

2 Name: jr:2023/01/07(Sat) 22:42:06 ID:SbiiYGl8

3 Name: jr:2023/01/07(Sat) 22:42:51 ID:SbiiYGl8
However, you should link it in the frames too.

4 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/08(Sun) 16:46:49 ID:???
Yea. Whenever someone uses the form, it alerts me immediately.
Am considering doing that.

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【10:2】I have a request to make of admin.
1 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/30(Fri) 13:24:58 ID:CzoWx6em
Merge World 4channel and World 2 Channel. Then, when the population of the bulletin board increases, I think the exchange between your country and overseas countries will deepen.

2 Name: Anonymous:2022/12/30(Fri) 13:48:57 ID:8xPjo6lj
https://dis.4chan.org ? World4channel doesn't exist anymore.

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