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【1:3】the shit on the other boards
1 Name: Anonymous:2024/02/01(Thu) 03:48:37 ID:Yhb2vzzC
wtf is this "voiceroid" "voicebox" discord spam thats in all of the boards?

2 Name: Anonymous:2024/02/03(Sat) 09:07:24 ID:K2eG5W03
A fucking asshat troll, that's who.

3 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/02/05(Mon) 02:30:29 ID:zc+wP+3n
Even so far I turned it into a AA character

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【2:3】board future
1 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2024/01/28(Sun) 22:51:43 ID:???
As I continue to work to restore the website (there were no automatic backups), I'll explain the future:

0ch is an outdated piece of software full of vulnerabilities and lacks things like a ban system. An attack was launched targeting all 0ch textboards, including world2ch.

The plan is the following:
: No new textboards will be created
: A new textboard software will be created which will look visually similar to 0ch.
: Some new boards will then be created with this new software.
: Older boards will eventually move to this software.
: This will be done in php too.

2 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/01/29(Mon) 06:23:50 ID:bBIzUNKt
You could fork it from Kiramoji

3 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/01/29(Mon) 06:35:39 ID:bBIzUNKt
As well as include the board look and text option features from Kareha, Angeleno.

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