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1: no thumbnail??(7)  2: Thoughts on a /gline/ board?(4)  3: 池沼 Thread(2)  4: The case of /news4vip/(3)  5: Discord Group(4)  6: Add a /tech/ board(3)  7: Bringing more people here(2)  8: Nameless(4)  9: Deletion request(2)  10: Add Gikopoi to the frames(3)  11: what the fuck happened to the imgboards?(2)  12: implementing paintbbs neo on /oekaki/?(2)  13: Thoughts on a Korean Board(4)  14: Would this count as an arashi post?(2)  15: Skinz(5)  16: I cannot install zerochEN (;´Д`)(2)  17: Reporting Illegal Content(4)  18: I have a request to make of admin.(2)  19: Make the Japan board run on the jp(3)  20: safe only imgboard(6)  21: Ban request(3)  22: low quality posts(4)  23: ban kuz(6)  24: add a Japan board(2)  25: what happened to 0037(1)  26: Mandate that /oekaki/ posts actually be oekaki(1)  27: OOooooo(1) 
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【1:7】no thumbnail??
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/26(Sun) 01:49:05 ID:fAkBaWZq
maybe I'm retarded but futaba-eki can't seem to thumbnail any image

2 Name: Angleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/26(Sun) 09:47:42 ID:???
Are you running your own instance? What is it saying?
Might be a permissions error then, possibly.

3 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/26(Sun) 11:34:27 ID:fAkBaWZq
at first I thought it was unique to this fork but I tried other versions and all of them aren't storing thumbnails
I already checked the config file and chmod'd everything to 777. Help me angleno-san!!

4 Name: jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/26(Sun) 13:44:32 ID:+zwOWjSH
are you using over php 7.4?

5 Name: Angleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/26(Sun) 16:50:56 ID:???
jr's question probably has something to do with it. Do want to get futaba-eki working on 8 in the future.

6 Name: Angleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/26(Sun) 17:19:22 ID:???
Tested on php 8. There are some other issues due to outdated functions which will be fixed in the future. Might also be an issue with using NGINX instead of apache. This'll also get fixed in the future. All which are from fikaba.

7 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/26(Sun) 22:20:20 ID:Y2XzLp+f
>>4 I'm using 7.4

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【2:4】Thoughts on a /gline/ board?
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/19(Sun) 16:37:41 ID:xNeFVAQw
Should there be a /gline/ board?

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/19(Sun) 18:54:02 ID:Dy2euRpo
Possibly, but doesn't this board fulfill a similar purpose?

3 Name: jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/20(Mon) 03:21:02 ID:6bR8yWmg
What the fuck is gline?

4 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/20(Mon) 05:20:36 ID:LDmTblr+
From 5ch (Translated):
"This board is a place to handle general information on 5ch.
The so-called "copy and paste modification" is here
To view and compile materials, go to the 5 Channel Materials Compilation Room"

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【3:2】池沼 Thread
1 Name: 池沼:2023/03/19(Sun) 16:10:11 ID:xNeFVAQw

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/19(Sun) 16:38:31 ID:xNeFVAQw
Oops, wrong board

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【4:3】The case of /news4vip/
1 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/11(Sat) 10:24:27 ID:???
I feel that /lounge/ and /news4vip/ both have very similar board topics, it it's probably not good for that to be the case on a small site like this. Should /lounge/ become /news4vip/ while /news4vip/ becomes /newsplus/ or maybe just leave the boards alone (no change)?
Or, possibly just add /newsplus/ as well?

2 Name: jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/11(Sat) 11:33:29 ID:pQz/OEZv
/newsplus/ is a different topic more akin to /pol/ or just in general news and i dont think it's a fit replacement for /news4vip//
i think we should leave them alone

3 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/19(Sun) 05:30:34 ID:5HvpKCmF
delete /lounge/, tell people that /news4vip/ is the same and create /newsplus/ as an totally new board (`・ω・´)

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【5:4】Discord Group
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/05(Sun) 10:02:23 ID:ufGPGvH4
Do you think that world2ch should have a Discord group? I know that Discord sucks, but it might be a way to bring in more people.

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/03/06(Mon) 04:50:28 ID:9+YqT0v8
No, never. Mods crush his skull

3 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/07(Tue) 06:18:20 ID:???
No Discord Group will happen.
If one does end up happening, it would only be to track posts, similar to how heyuri's Discord works.

4 Name: jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/07(Tue) 09:22:08 ID:aN7Dl+AM
I was gonna say, if we did, it should only be to track posts. The board's already inactive we won't need a Discord making it even moar inactive

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【6:3】Add a /tech/ board
1 Name: 𝓝𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼:2023/02/04(Sat) 01:30:07 ID:MXwE9tnT
For discussion of technology/internet

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/02/04(Sat) 03:08:36 ID:???
I don't really wish to cause too much board bloat at the moment. A tech board would be the next board to be created however.
For now, put posts like that in /lounge/.

3 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/02/09(Thu) 09:26:17 ID:???
Will do very shortly. Unsure of whether to do /tech/ or /pc/ like the original world2ch.
Will also revamp /ASCII/ to make it like the original too.

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【7:2】Bringing more people here
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/26(Thu) 15:09:10 ID:a3tPnIW2
how do you think we bring more people here?

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/02/09(Thu) 03:21:41 ID:aqa9kFQd
shill or just wait, i think shill on /qa/ and /g/ as that is were people whould maybe be intrested in this kind of textboard posting. but i think it takes time, to create a community. the most important thing to create a community is <3 (love... and time, and that is the recepie for a successful board!) ...maybe...

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1 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/02/07(Tue) 03:48:49 ID:???
Should I change "Anonymous" to "Nameless" like it used to be on the original world2ch?

2 Name: jr:2023/02/07(Tue) 06:43:28 ID:???
I think it should be Nameless-san or Mr. Nameless.

3 Name: Anonymous:2023/02/09(Thu) 03:05:28 ID:aqa9kFQd
I think you should have Nameless on world2ch.org orginal boards, but on new boards, have Anonymous. Also, add /prog/. Make the website 100% usable without javascript and add new thread on the same page as board, not going to a new page to make a new thread. And NO "I agree" stuff when posting! I think this will make the website better.

4 Name: Anonymous:2023/02/09(Thu) 03:12:58 ID:aqa9kFQd
make a board for /trash/

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【9:2】Deletion request
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/02/04(Sat) 00:23:47 ID:MXwE9tnT
Harrassment, delete this post and send him to the penis explosion chamber

2 Name: Anonymous:2023/02/04(Sat) 03:07:03 ID:???
Deleted, since it looked like it was sparking an arashi debate.

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【10:3】Add Gikopoi to the frames
1 Name: Anonymous:2023/01/29(Sun) 17:01:33 ID:4CbJy+2Y
for easy acces (・∀・)

2 Name: jr:2023/01/29(Sun) 20:54:15 ID:SsNp6yQS
i touhht it would b there too

3 Name: jr:2023/01/29(Sun) 22:31:23 ID:SsNp6yQS

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