This is the place for anything Touhou related, whether it be the games or other merchandise (such as Fumos).
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1 Name: Somebois@Moderator ★:2024/01/01(Mon) 18:19:55 ID:???
General Touhou Discussion here lol

2 Name: Nameless:2024/01/24(Wed) 05:01:08 ID:ZKQwjI9+
wch 2hu fuq

3 Name: Nameless:2024/02/13(Tue) 04:33:18 ID:W58Y6F4s

4 Name: Nameless:2024/02/14(Wed) 08:17:15 ID:FEdrtt5J
>>2 rmuia

5 Name: Nameless:2024/02/14(Wed) 10:41:46 ID:FPY3/SyF

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