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Rules of AA

1 :Anonymous:2022/11/29(Tue) 20:58:44 ID:fz6hPYit
1. You CANNOT use the post form to design AA or accurately preview what your AA will look like when posted
2. You CANNOT use regular backslashes
3. You CANNOT start a line with a half-width (regular) space
4. You CANNOT have 2 or more half-width spaces directly next to each other
5. You CAN start a line with 1 or more full-width spaces
6. You CAN have 2 or more full-width spaces directly next to each other
7. You CAN creatively alternate between full-width and half-width spaces to achieve different whitespace lengths
8. You CAN shift the characters of a line by a few pixels by adding periods at the start (or anywhere else) in a line
9. You CAN use ancient Japanese AA editor software using Locale Emulator or similar

2 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 01:32:22 ID:6dqeP6DG

3 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 04:58:53 ID:J3298RUd
UTF-8 rebuild test

4 :jr ◆krz7nbX5eVTc :2022/11/30(Wed) 04:59:28 ID:G3Z+2j1d
Rules of AA

5 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 05:00:07 ID:J3298RUd
UTF-8 rebuild test again since I forgot to save

6 :jr ◆krz7nbX5eVTc :2022/11/30(Wed) 05:00:48 ID:G3Z+2j1d

7 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 05:01:11 ID:J3298RUd
>>5 undid that for now since it breaks all the encoding stuff

8 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 06:15:54 ID:J3298RUd

9 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 06:16:49 ID:J3298RUd

10 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 09:28:23 ID:eYy7M53p
Don't just blindly switch to UTF-8 or make other changes to dismantle these "rules" - they're just facts about how the web, Shift-JIS encoded sites, and MS PGothic font works by default

Not only will such changes break all genuine 2ch-compatible AA, but the art of 2ch AA itself is to work within these rules and overcome them to make glorious images!

11 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/11/30(Wed) 11:13:33 ID:J3298RUd
That's honestly a pretty good point, and it does make the originally planned transition to UTF-8 a bit harder to do.
I should note that the original World2ch from 2003 used UTF-8 for its encoding, and actually had a statement (in japanese) about it too (archived here http://world2ch.net/guide/2ch.html ), although RIR6 also had an AA option, so I'm not completely sure either way on what to do currently.

also here's a poll so I can get more input: https://strawpoll.com/polls/B2ZB3MoOdyJ

12 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 12:14:48 ID:14q7cebg
You could switch to UTF-8 and use CSS to change the font back to MS PGothic (and other popular metrically-compatible substitutes), either globally or just for this board

That does mean some AA created here might not be fully Shift-JIS compatible, but with all the AA fails so far I'm not convinced world2ch has to worry about that too much ^^;

Additionally, it could be a good idea to include the submona font in the site (like 5ch does) so that those without MS PGothic or a substitute installed will still see AA as intended:

13 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/11/30(Wed) 13:11:44 ID:J3298RUd
>>12 It's been moved to UTF-8. I'll made MS PGothic the default font pretty soon.

14 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 14:18:42 ID:14q7cebg
Once the default font becomes MS PGothic (or you change your browser's Japanese font settings), you can use this quick guide I made:

Here's me typing 20 half-width (regular) spaces in a row →| |← ...they get merged into 1 after posting!
|←Here's me starting a line with 20 half-width spaces ...they get completely removed after posting!
         |←Here's how you can start a line with spaces by using full-width spaces
.         |←You can also start a line with a period to subtly shift the contents of a line to the right
          |←You can also put 1 half-width space after any full-width spaces to get additional alignment control
.          |←And combine this with periods
           |←...and so on

You can use the same techniques above to chain spaces together at any point in a line→|             |←
And here's what a backslash looks like→\ ...basically, don't use backslashes

And just to make sure you're all viewing this with an appropriate font, the vertical lines below should be perfectly aligned
| ΛΛ ...| ΛΛ .!| 〆⌒ヽ   |← Are these
|( ^▽^)!|( σ_σ).|( ‘д‘)y-~|← lines here
|と   つ.|(つ旦0)..|( J  ) .   |← perfectly aligned?

If it looks correct and aligned, copypaste the above into the textbox below and see how it b0rks
That's because the textbox is using a monospaced font, not MS PGothic!
You should design AA in an AA editor or regular text editor with the font changed to MS PGothic 12pt

15 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/06(Tue) 07:44:53 ID:k8HgYfBH
Submona is now the default font for all boards.

16 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 07:31:32 ID:+Glp9qAj
Please change it back the kaomojis now look like shit ヽ(`Д´)ノ

17 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 01:51:00 ID:NIVtI4e0
The solution is to use a proper font-family instead of just setting it to submona - that way the site will only use submona as a fallback whenever MS PGothic and other substitutes are unavailable

font-family: "MS PGothic", IPAMonaPGothic, Monapo, Mona, submona, sans-serif;

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