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Rules of AA

14 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 14:18:42 ID:14q7cebg
Once the default font becomes MS PGothic (or you change your browser's Japanese font settings), you can use this quick guide I made:

Here's me typing 20 half-width (regular) spaces in a row →| |← ...they get merged into 1 after posting!
|←Here's me starting a line with 20 half-width spaces ...they get completely removed after posting!
         |←Here's how you can start a line with spaces by using full-width spaces
.         |←You can also start a line with a period to subtly shift the contents of a line to the right
          |←You can also put 1 half-width space after any full-width spaces to get additional alignment control
.          |←And combine this with periods
           |←...and so on

You can use the same techniques above to chain spaces together at any point in a line→|             |←
And here's what a backslash looks like→\ ...basically, don't use backslashes

And just to make sure you're all viewing this with an appropriate font, the vertical lines below should be perfectly aligned
| ΛΛ ...| ΛΛ .!| 〆⌒ヽ   |← Are these
|( ^▽^)!|( σ_σ).|( ‘д‘)y-~|← lines here
|と   つ.|(つ旦0)..|( J  ) .   |← perfectly aligned?

If it looks correct and aligned, copypaste the above into the textbox below and see how it b0rks
That's because the textbox is using a monospaced font, not MS PGothic!
You should design AA in an AA editor or regular text editor with the font changed to MS PGothic 12pt

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