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The case of /news4vip/

1 :Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/11(Sat) 10:24:27 ID:???
I feel that /lounge/ and /news4vip/ both have very similar board topics, it it's probably not good for that to be the case on a small site like this. Should /lounge/ become /news4vip/ while /news4vip/ becomes /newsplus/ or maybe just leave the boards alone (no change)?
Or, possibly just add /newsplus/ as well?

2 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/11(Sat) 11:33:29 ID:pQz/OEZv
/newsplus/ is a different topic more akin to /pol/ or just in general news and i dont think it's a fit replacement for /news4vip//
i think we should leave them alone

3 :Anonymous:2023/03/19(Sun) 05:30:34 ID:5HvpKCmF
delete /lounge/, tell people that /news4vip/ is the same and create /newsplus/ as an totally new board (`・ω・´)

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