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【1:5】Updates and News
1 Name: sewer@Admin ★:2024/06/05(Wed) 07:43:17 ID:???
World2ch has finally been cleaned. Me and another admin by the name of rato have finally convinced Angeleno to let us clean up world2ch. We promise to maintain the site and keep it clean for all you amazing folks

2 Name: sewer@Admin ★:2024/06/05(Wed) 07:48:57 ID:???
Thank you for your time

3 Name: Anonymous:2024/06/06(Thu) 01:39:35 ID:OIi9Eth+
Glad to see this version won't die like the original.
Is Angeleno still around or is he gone for good?

4 Name: sewer@Admin ★:2024/06/06(Thu) 05:05:28 ID:???
Yes Angeleno is still around he's the one who's paying for the servers and working on a new textboard software as stated before. But that being said world2ch won't be abandoned as it was before

5 Name: Anonymous:2024/06/12(Wed) 09:12:50 ID:kCSfa4nx

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1 Name: Anonymous:2024/04/03(Wed) 06:47:53 ID:xoAlHfKM
Wipe the shit off from all the boards affected. If you won't, let me do it or just sell the site to me outright (I want to make this place to boom like it did 20 years ago)

2 Name: sewer@Admin ★:2024/06/05(Wed) 07:44:02 ID:???
Hello if it makes you feel better world2ch isn't gonna be like this anymore and it's being worked on

3 Name: OP:2024/06/08(Sat) 13:18:28 ID:LMN6hAAx
Tanks. Make me a moderator so I can keep up AA&FLASH, that's all I really ever came fer

4 Name: sewer@Admin ★:2024/06/10(Mon) 03:18:09 ID:???

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【3:5】board future
1 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2024/01/28(Sun) 22:51:43 ID:???
As I continue to work to restore the website (there were no automatic backups), I'll explain the future:

0ch is an outdated piece of software full of vulnerabilities and lacks things like a ban system. An attack was launched targeting all 0ch textboards, including world2ch.

The plan is the following:
: No new textboards will be created
: A new textboard software will be created which will look visually similar to 0ch.
: Some new boards will then be created with this new software.
: Older boards will eventually move to this software.
: This will be done in php too.

2 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/01/29(Mon) 06:23:50 ID:bBIzUNKt
You could fork it from Kiramoji

3 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/01/29(Mon) 06:35:39 ID:bBIzUNKt
As well as include the board look and text option features from Kareha, Angeleno.

4 Name: Anonymous:2024/02/29(Thu) 06:46:58 ID:???
>Angeleno@administrator ☆
>i'm gonna keep up a dead website full of spam because i'm a selfish little fuck
Comment too long... to read the whole thing, click here.

5 Name: Anonymous:2024/03/23(Sat) 19:48:17 ID:9qno3D0o
when are you deleting the spam lazy bastard

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【4:3】the shit on the other boards
1 Name: Anonymous:2024/02/01(Thu) 03:48:37 ID:Yhb2vzzC
wtf is this "voiceroid" "voicebox" discord spam thats in all of the boards?

2 Name: Anonymous:2024/02/03(Sat) 09:07:24 ID:K2eG5W03
A fucking asshat troll, that's who.

3 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2024/02/05(Mon) 02:30:29 ID:zc+wP+3n
Even so far I turned it into a AA character

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