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Discord Group

1 :Anonymous:2023/03/05(Sun) 10:02:23 ID:ufGPGvH4
Do you think that world2ch should have a Discord group? I know that Discord sucks, but it might be a way to bring in more people.

2 :Anonymous:2023/03/06(Mon) 04:50:28 ID:9+YqT0v8
No, never. Mods crush his skull

3 :Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/03/07(Tue) 06:18:20 ID:???
No Discord Group will happen.
If one does end up happening, it would only be to track posts, similar to how heyuri's Discord works.

4 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/07(Tue) 09:22:08 ID:aN7Dl+AM
I was gonna say, if we did, it should only be to track posts. The board's already inactive we won't need a Discord making it even moar inactive

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