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Thoughts on a Korean Board

1 :Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/01/21(Sat) 16:47:13 ID:???
What would be your thoughts if there was a Korean board made? It would be similar to /japan/, but for Korea.
I don't really know of any image/textboards with a Korean board, even though Korean culture might have even eclipsed Japanese culture in popularity.

2 :Anonymous:2023/01/22(Sun) 04:43:42 ID:mG1b8EGU
ilbe storehouse

3 :jr:2023/01/22(Sun) 12:54:21 ID:mqe3x9ZP
i'm not interested in korean culture but let's see what everyone else has to say

4 :jr:2023/01/22(Sun) 23:44:41 ID:mqe3x9ZP
I guess we didn't have to (´人`)

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