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Make the Japan board run on the jp

1 :jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 11:34:38 ID:FRvPXHdI

2 :jr:2022/12/29(Thu) 11:35:00 ID:FRvPXHdI
Make the Japan board run on the og untranslated 0ch+, i meant

3 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/29(Thu) 17:18:33 ID:q1qwqmX8
Not possible to do due to the way that 0ch+ works.
All boards talk to /test/read.cgi, so if it was changed back to Japanese, all boards would be.
Although it can be done on a subdomain, RIR6 also kept it in English.

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