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low quality posts

1 :Anonymous:2022/12/16(Fri) 11:50:16 ID:mKx5CAJO
Do something about the low quality posts.
There are many other imageboards to post this on,
don't let this site just become a clone of modern 4chan and related sites

replies http://world2ch.net/imgboard/imgboard.php?res=112
replies http://world2ch.net/imgboard/imgboard.php?res=30
replies http://world2ch.net/imgboard/imgboard.php?res=68

the rest should be self explainatory

2 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/16(Fri) 12:27:19 ID:7U2gzYFx
You're right. Arashi will be enforced on all boards.

If you're familiar with the term "Troll" or "Trolling" , that's exactly what an "Arashi" is.
It's the general act of causing trouble, with the sole intent to disrupt other users.
Usually this is accomplished by message flooding, posting repeated messages with either short unintelligible words/meanings or offensive language/material, or just simply posts that repeatedly violate the rules (in which, the messages become candidates for deletion).

This includes, but not limited to:
Repeated slanders to an individual or group
Posting completely off-topic material repeatedly, while obviously being aware about it
Flooding existing threads or creating unnecessary threads with reckless abandon
Whenever you encounter these "Arashi", try to refrain from responding back in any way. In almost all cases, ignoring the offender until he/she leaves is the best solution.
If an "Arashi" still persists, please report the problem at the "Delection request" board, and the administrator will check if the posts are in grounds for deletion.
Otherwise, if you were to insult back, this would just add fuel to the fire, giving an "Arashi" more incentive to cause trouble, and possibly make matters worse for everyone.

Remember: Just like the old-age advice for trolls, "Don't feed the Arashi, or you become an Arashi".

3 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/16(Fri) 12:32:17 ID:7U2gzYFx
The 'desu' thread will be autosaged as soon as that ability is added into futaba-eki.

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/16(Fri) 12:45:28 ID:7U2gzYFx
it has been autosaged

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