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Pride Month

1 :Nameless:2023/06/01(Thu) 22:54:32 ID:x06o1x/C
Are you celebrating pride month? If so, how?

2 :Nameless:2023/06/07(Wed) 20:45:59 ID:270vymLd
I let the corporations do it for me while i sit back and don't celebrate.

3 :Nameless:2024/01/05(Fri) 03:59:32 ID:8VH47fEz
Last year I celebrated pride month by shorting 2000$ worth of disney stocks

4 :Somebois@Moderator ★:2024/01/06(Sat) 00:01:59 ID:???

5 :jr:2024/01/13(Sat) 04:05:15 ID:CJbaTRA+
I don't care about them

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