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Inunaki Channel

1 :Mizun:2023/03/04(Sat) 01:26:49 ID:SnXOJQA8
Inunaki Channel is an english-language imageboard inspired by Futaba Channel.

Come on down, we'd love to have you all!

2 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/04(Sat) 10:45:11 ID:YfE5i9Yv
I like Futaba-inspired boards. Sure, i'll come on the ride.

3 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/04(Sat) 10:50:58 ID:YZX+tKtt
Oh my god this website is ugly.
Not to be rude just pointing it out.
You should probably redesign it to look more like Futaba and not some weird looking remake.
Also, if you want to evoke the feel of Futaba, I recommend you add soudane. I don't see much English imageboards with that, but it's prominent on modern Futaba.
The connection also closes alot..... Not Good!

4 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/03/04(Sat) 10:57:19 ID:YfE5i9Yv
it doesn't work everyone. 503 everywhere. it's not just me

5 :Nameless:2023/04/12(Wed) 19:46:21 ID:k0ixGQQL
Apparently the site admin killed himself and locked all the boards

6 :Nameless:2023/04/20(Thu) 14:30:15 ID:jkH77Poh
thats a lie btw. arizona is still alive and well. do not put your trust in this attention whoring little faggot weasel britoid cp spammer he deserves the rope

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