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Barq's, A&W, or Mug Root Beer?

1 :Anonymous:2023/01/15(Sun) 14:23:13 ID:5Z13pjTT
I personally prefer Mug, since it doesn't have caffeine and has a more sweet taste.

What does world2ch prefer?

2 :jr:2023/01/15(Sun) 21:01:14 ID:Unr3WUEP
A&W; is pretty good in my opinion.

3 :Mug Enjoyer:2023/01/19(Thu) 12:10:56 ID:nLuWEnp3
I like mug bcuz of te badass lookin dog on the can.

4 :Nameless:2023/02/16(Thu) 02:43:20 ID:0u4IwjkO

5 :Nameless:2023/02/19(Sun) 10:54:19 ID:r4gPdu3l
I like A&W; though I wish there were some of their restaurants around me

6 :Nameless:2023/02/25(Sat) 17:34:25 ID:jRrvNTe0
I'm having mug right now

7 :Nameless:2023/02/27(Mon) 11:32:07 ID:HL5sQ2A2
Bangs because it's the most fun to say

8 :Nameless:2023/02/27(Mon) 12:51:24 ID:59mlT6QX
I like Oliet Bangs

9 :Tate:2023/03/24(Fri) 06:15:40 ID:???
>tfw you always thought it was called Barqs

10 :Nameless:2023/05/14(Sun) 22:42:19 ID:odp3ovBh
Barqs is the best. Mug is also okay. A&W; is a distant third I think. It's too sickly sweet.

11 :Nameless Nietzschean:2023/05/31(Wed) 06:14:29 ID:KpoOHqZ2
Read Nietzsche, stop drinking.
Temperance ヽ(´ー`)ノ

12 :Nameless:2023/06/18(Sun) 10:43:08 ID:rMhdENkc

13 :ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/07/18(Tue) 12:24:02 ID:LF+DVpTc
Root Beer at McMenamins, >>1

14 :Nameless:2023/07/23(Sun) 02:49:20 ID:sQBwDN/C
What about K&N root beer?

15 :Nameless:2023/07/28(Fri) 09:57:56 ID:GbsS89VV
>>11 wasn't plato the temperance guy?

16 :riffle up ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/08/05(Sat) 02:09:09 ID:NgtBMS21
root beer straight from the cock

17 :Nameless:2024/01/03(Wed) 03:15:11 ID:7WhqJbUL
it all tastes the same

18 :Nameless:2024/01/23(Tue) 22:47:23 ID:xGD4P8yt
Root beer gives me a headache

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