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New Year's Resolutions

1 :Anonymous:2023/01/01(Sun) 13:14:48 ID:72ST0ahH
Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?
If so what are they?

And do you think you will actually follow through with them?

2 :jr:2023/01/01(Sun) 13:57:32 ID:L5iBb0WJ
I plan to learn some Japanese, or some Spanish this year. Mostly, i'm not too sure if I will follow through with this, because i'm not really any good at Japanese. But i'll hope.
P.S. Happy New Years world2ch!

3 :Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2023/01/01(Sun) 17:49:28 ID:Cjj+q+dZ
Pretty much just get to university, somehow, and do good in community college in the meantime.
(I took a bit of a break from college by joining then leaving the workforce in 2021/22.)

4 :Anonymous:2023/01/04(Wed) 04:12:26 ID:YnR1BFYe
to stop masturbating this much

5 :Sam:2023/01/05(Thu) 04:24:47 ID:???
plan to get to community college somehow, apply to some four year colleges outside of america etc.. between that, im learning korean and spanish and im pretty excited. i feel good about this year. happy new year world2ch users!

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