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Wojak and Soyjaks

1 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 07:50:58 ID:mDRxG8F6
What's you're opinion on them? Personally I think theyre just just typical internet memes and will eventually die like all memes do. But what do you think about them?

But NPC meme will always be funny (`ー´)

2 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 11:17:29 ID:PcLP46l9
They're the rage comics of the current era

3 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 15:47:01 ID:I+WEmCsx
I would rather they died off right now. but then they'd get replaced by the next dull thing ( ´,_ゝ`)

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 21:19:37 ID:CX2yqISd
Wojak was an alright meme when it was just a simple reaction image for ronery posting, and so were the initial variations based around that concept - most of them quite well drawn/shopped and funny. It was when wojak became the go-to rageface-style template that the variations quickly turned to low-quality and unfunny shit

Soyjak was mildly funny in its original form when it was just parodying grown men obsessed with video games designed for infants. As with all things, it quickly stopped being funny when it kept being reposted over and over again, and especially so once it became the default "this is you" insult, just like all the fedora shit before it

That was 4-5 years ago though - I'd say the soyjak meme is well and truly dead at this point, outside of a small group of actual retards who think crapflooding threads and boards with a 5 year old meme + quotes of any text on the page = pinnacle of trolling and internet humor. The irony is that they think they're the second coming of /b/tards, but in reality they're exactly what we considered back in the day to be anti-lulz and "the cancer killing /b/"

5 :jr:2022/12/10(Sat) 06:40:06 ID:ZZD5YdZo
>>4 is my exact thought

6 :Anonymous:2022/12/10(Sat) 09:09:20 ID:mVa4viO8
They make me miss the days of rage comics... which should definitely say something about how bad and pervasive they are.

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