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4chan and Hiroyuki

1 :Anonymous:2022/12/06(Tue) 16:30:56 ID:HHBCRMJC
what's your opinion on them?

2 :Anonymous:2022/12/06(Tue) 16:41:46 ID:QfO/VSwE
I'm pretty neutral on Hiroyuki Nishimura. I just wish he would touch 4chan.
On 4chan, I do support the site, but without hiroyuki interacting with users, the website just doesn't feel as lively as it did with moot.

3 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 10:22:57 ID:shVJCmPF
>I'm pretty neutral on Hiroyuki Nishimura

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/08(Thu) 20:27:59 ID:8RO5uft0
he's a sellout who relinquished 4chan to rapeape for free

5 :Anonymous:2022/12/09(Fri) 01:56:44 ID:3YFgrXqP
moot had already handed most of his responsibilities down to RapeApe several years earlier, back when he was busy with canv.as and drawquest

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