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ITT: We write stories!

1 :Anonymous:2022/12/06(Tue) 12:34:33 ID:NsZAIcFq
Any kind of fiction/fanfiction/smut stories, you name it!

2 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 03:05:19 ID:OgyZVMcV
Someone made world2ch... World2ch is an imageboard that has been around since 2003, at the beginning of the internet. Its name became a reference to internet trolling and the crappy/hilarious images that are posted on the board. Wikipedia describes it as a notorious imageboard devoted to posting memes. Though the site is regularly blocked in Thailand, its pages and images can still be found on other imageboards.

3 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 03:05:44 ID:OgyZVMcV
The board also posts obscenities and misogynist images, so there is no tolerance towards trolls. Sometimes after trolling on the imageboard for hours or even days, trolls are trolled back. Though someone made World2ch, it was 2ch and 4ch that made trolling mainstream. It led to the popularity of different meme sites. Twitter took the reins of internet trolling and quickly set up their own 2ch, called #uwish. The purpose of Twitter is to ridicule and mock. It has successfully done that by trolling everything on the internet.

4 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 03:06:07 ID:OgyZVMcV
Look, an ugly picture of a world2ch member. This is the start of world2ch. Notice how ugly things got? This is what internet trolling is, only on the 2ch boards that people would be ugly. The only place where internet trolls would not be ugly would be 4chan. But 2ch was ugly. This was a typical post on 2ch, that would post an image or meme. It would gain thousands of retweets and likes. World2ch would become a meme and internet trend on the regular, and before long people would be hating on it, wanting to shut it down and erase it from the world. World2ch was very ugly and ugly things would happen. World2ch became a meme and the internet started hating on it. World2ch became the symbol for ugly people who post ugly memes on the internet, and there would be an outcry against World2ch. It was the internet's attempt to turn World2ch, and indeed, the imageboards, into a negative image.

5 :Anonymous:2022/12/07(Wed) 03:06:22 ID:OgyZVMcV
World2ch was a symbol of the evils of internet trolling, and the sites that would start making memes, images and pages to ridicule World2ch, were the ones that became the poster child for the internet being ugly. World2ch became the catalyst for the internet being ugly. The trolls were ugly. "Ugly," the trolls would say. Fuck. This is why World2ch became an ugly meme.

6 :Anonymous:2022/12/14(Wed) 16:32:30 ID:IV8WC+1O
Once apon a time there was a man named Hurusaka. He was a very poor lad. He had no money and no girlfriend. Later that night, he decided to buy a lottery ticket just for the hell of it. Luckily for him, he won the jackpot. With his newfound wealth, he went to a very fancy restaurant by himself when he saw a nice looking lady named Anoka. They chatted for hours and Hurusaka proposed on the spot.
Anoka accepted the proposal. Afterwards, they walked down a crosswalk and lived happily ever after...
until they were struck and killed instantly by an SUV going 100km in a 30km zone and also running a stop sign.

7 :jr:2022/12/17(Sat) 00:09:09 ID:KUrfBdeF
World2ch is crazy.... One time an anon went off on M1 and was hit and killed over 2 people and they threw bricks at each other, then 2 more were shot at by thugs. That doesn't sound like a problem... There were also 2 of those in the water and 2 thugs were hurt but none of them took over.
As you can see, World2ch is clearly silly place!

8 :golgolmois :2023/03/09(Thu) 18:56:42 ID:khgI7tfK
There once lived a man from Nantucket...

9 :Nameless:2023/03/17(Fri) 05:26:18 ID:hdeSxZQR
Something something bucket.....

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