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1 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 00:00:32 ID:OMpneVFm
hai /lounge/ i was when tiday no as lol moot no heh AA lol purge the newtards when 1902310rdoi*&*(&( ate my babysitter then i killed myself and i lived but you didnt you stupid faggot how olol news4vip real porn for 99$ and free of charge news oekaki what it mean very mean lol

2 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 00:03:26 ID:OMpneVFm
very mean lol

3 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 00:20:15 ID:LOwPbULl
That is definitely some text

4 :Anonymous:2022/11/30(Wed) 02:39:44 ID:hhDyGaVu
so true!!!

My eyes

5 :Anonymous:2022/12/01(Thu) 00:42:12 ID:jgf+f1j/
Quran best verse

6 :Anonymous:2022/12/03(Sat) 05:10:46 ID:vrkJrs2k
lol u tk him 2da bar|

7 :Anonymous:2022/12/03(Sat) 20:56:07 ID:V2SOUtWx
>>6 HOHOHOHOHOHO never heard that one before!!!!

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