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1: What is the true purpose of life?(7)  2: the real moot(25)  3: Will world2channel replace reddit?(5)  4: NIGGERS TONGUE MY ANUS(2)  5: If reddit is over...(3)  6: Does anyone else listen to country?(3)  7: Dokuo's Gline ('A`)(1)  8: I miss Corona Sunbrew(2)  9: I want you🫵🥺(3)  10: Do you lick stones?(3)  11: NIGGERS TONGUE MY ANUS(2)  12: It's been raining nonstop in Los Angleles(4)  13: BREAKING NEWS(4)  14: ask him anything vippers(8)  15: Super Mario Bros. Movie(7)  16: (ಠಿ ∀ಠಿ) σ(1)  17: I am Japanese Hikikomori Neet. (8)  18: anyone else play gikopoi(7)  19: World2ch turns 20 (kinda)!(3)  20: Got into the Calstate schools I wanted to go to!(1)  21: BREAKING: I GOT DEL TACO FOR BREAKFAST(2)  22: POPE BENEDICT DIED(4)  23: Heyuri makes Kokonotsuba open-source(4)  24: Argentina became the world champion in Football(3)  25: BREAKING NEWS(4)  26: admin make us VIPPER please(6)  27: hallo.(5)  28: who will invite the japanese?(13)  29: LOCAL PUPPY WAS FEED OIL(4)  30: This board now exists(3) 
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【1:7】What is the true purpose of life?
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:44:32 ID:IJ41P2T6
I'm serious. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Surely it's more than just eating chicken and fapping right?

2 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/18(Fri) 00:28:55 ID:fcbkPONU
feel everything there is to feel. feel sad, feel happy, feel textures, feel the world

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/29(Tue) 06:17:20 ID:hecVe2Eq
>eating chicken
GTFO NIGGER!!!!!!!111 (`Д´)

4 Name: VIPPER:2023/09/13(Wed) 22:18:19 ID:xJ/NtqvZ
Love God and do as thy will. Nobody else can tell you what to do. Don't follow their rules. Just do what you want and love God.

5 Name: VIPPER:2023/11/16(Thu) 17:05:07 ID:/sboncxM
Loosh Farm

6 Name: VIPPER:2023/11/23(Thu) 11:13:59 ID:fLDXguES
to type words

7 Name: VIPPER:2023/11/29(Wed) 19:42:58 ID:stW5qs6k
more people should type words then

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【2:25】the real moot
1 Name: moot ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/04/15(Sat) 14:22:05 ID:pKNnTmz1
hey it's me, moot!

16 Name: Www.pornhub.net:2023/05/13(Sat) 16:43:15 ID:m8xEn93Q

17 Name: nerv:2023/05/20(Sat) 15:42:44 ID:6l5/5ovs
spam on my internet textboard...

18 Name: moot ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/06/26(Mon) 19:17:06 ID:FzQVyTZb
Just as I intended...

19 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/27(Tue) 02:11:57 ID:q2H3miSc
Kachigger, my nigger!

20 Name: VIPPER:2023/07/26(Wed) 06:31:01 ID:sAdFTQcA
We need to capture moot and force him to admin 4chan forever

21 Name: VIPPER:2023/09/29(Fri) 00:12:48 ID:hoTtd+aQ
Moot doesn't exist anymore. He's disappeared off the face of the earth. He was probably taken out by the same federal agency that now manipulates 4chan from the shadows. It's a shame Moot was a great guy.

22 Name: VIPPER:2023/10/02(Mon) 03:48:10 ID:yuO/d+Y1
I wish he would come back for 4chan's 20th.

23 Name: VIPPER:2023/10/02(Mon) 05:39:30 ID:kgXfc0uB
I heard he's married and has a kid now. I doubt he's coming back, for his sake I hope so. 4chan is spiritually dead now anyway. Moot coming back would be tragic. Like a dying cancer patient's best friend suddenly coming back for a visit.

24 Name: VIPPER:2023/10/05(Thu) 16:20:27 ID:cGjWk7sL
Where did you hear that from?

25 Name: VIPPER:2023/10/06(Fri) 01:22:58 ID:0E30/sHY
its been going around the grapevine apparently some anons found his instagram which he deleted soon after

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【3:5】Will world2channel replace reddit?
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/07/26(Wed) 06:33:45 ID:sAdFTQcA
What the fuck is going on? Will reddit collapse? Will VIP takeover and establish the KAREHA REICH? Will Nanashi dominate the internet once again?

2 Name: VIPPER:2023/07/28(Fri) 12:30:07 ID:3QM2GCE7
no people just don't understand how bad reddit is

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 03:37:37 ID:yNhcdCsQ
The golden days of 2channel is long gone. I doubt any normalfags will use a kareha board ever again. Only 5channel is left and most of its userbase is in their 40s. Tragically corporate money has killed our beloved internet.

4 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/18(Fri) 00:34:42 ID:fcbkPONU
formulating an easy-to-use site that doesn't fall into the obscure sea of shitty discord remakes is... difficult to say the least. the internet is so concentrated it's hard to entice a userbase to post anything but links to their main socials.

5 Name: VIPPER:2023/09/13(Wed) 22:21:27 ID:xJ/NtqvZ
I hate reddit. it killed off all the forums I used to love. I have no choice but to go to some fucking subreddit for some obscure thing because the forums are now dead or offline. subreddits have no sense of community. their soulless and posting on them is a pain in the ass. 99% of the boards on reddit are complete and total trash. it's /pol/ for scummy liberals and NATO huggers.

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1 Name: Cracky-chan ◆N1toQkxgzc :2023/09/02(Sat) 10:01:53 ID:k52n9T9G
Internet media friendhsip friends crackulous chan 4chan 8chan heyuri music Nikocado avacoda pedo pig eatd elicious snacks.

2 Name: VIPPER:2023/09/12(Tue) 07:46:28 ID:F1Wm/b7J
I love Cracky-chan...

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【5:3】If reddit is over...
1 Name: nulcow:2023/08/03(Thu) 10:46:42 ID:c3u89CKy
So, (even though it's a business, and it should be allowed to control how people use the software which it is paying to host,) people have gotten very irrationally upset over reddit's API changes. I really hope this will allow more people to move off of reddit and start using smaller forums to ask their questions. I think that the social media collapse (Reddit, Twitter, DeviantART) will be better for the internet as a whole.

2 Name: riffle up ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/08/05(Sat) 03:08:23 ID:BMMRrzbP

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:43:12 ID:IJ41P2T6
It's been over since the feds killed Aaron

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【6:3】Does anyone else listen to country?
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/24(Sat) 15:31:45 ID:YDYjQFR5
I feel I am alone in this. Don't know anyone else that does.

Older country, up to the early 2000's, usually.

2 Name: nulcow:2023/08/03(Thu) 10:37:35 ID:c3u89CKy
No. no one in their right mind listens to country.

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:19:27 ID:/KT7b44c
Gothic country is pretty neat but I prefer folk rock over all

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【7:1】Dokuo's Gline ('A`)
1 Name: ゼリーさん ◆p9m3de0ojQ :2023/08/02(Wed) 05:26:56 ID:gHCT8hrr
    |  ('A`)
   / ̄ノ( ヘヘ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

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【8:2】I miss Corona Sunbrew
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/07/06(Thu) 06:34:37 ID:I4IgnpAX
I wanted to look for Corona Sunbrew, but it's only in Canada. My day is now ruined because I wanted some.

2 Name: Angeleno@Administrator ★:2023/07/13(Thu) 13:50:54 ID:???
that's a good drink

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【9:3】I want you🫵🥺
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/26(Mon) 15:18:38 ID:sujFyr6w

2 Name: VIPPER:2023/07/01(Sat) 19:43:19 ID:Ivx19a1M
I ain't clickin' that, nigga.

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/08/16(Wed) 07:55:23 ID:suJx1NPU

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【10:3】Do you lick stones?
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/17(Sat) 16:39:56 ID:NjKrrJKx
Everytime I go into the woods I lick every stone on my way. The next day i have a massive shit because of all the bacteria i got. Of course it's not healthy but I am addiccted to this... I am addicted to feeling of stone on my tounge
Do you also lick stones VIPPER?

2 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/19(Mon) 04:31:50 ID:uPI+Q64v
Bingo bango bongo I don't want to leave the congo

3 Name: VIPPER:2023/06/19(Mon) 07:48:07 ID:uPI+Q64v
I lick bones.

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