1: BREAKING: I GOT DEL TACO FOR BREAKFAST(2)  2: POPE BENEDICT DIED(4)  3: Heyuri makes Kokonotsuba open-source(4)  4: It's been raining nonstop in Los Angleles(1)  5: I am Japanese Hikikomori Neet. (7)  6: Argentina became the world champion in Football(3)  7: BREAKING NEWS(4)  8: admin make us VIPPER please(6)  9: hallo.(5)  10: anyone else play gikopoi(4)  11: who will invite the japanese?(13)  12: LOCAL PUPPY WAS FEED OIL(4)  13: This board now exists(3) 
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1 Name: VIPPER:2023/01/25(Wed) 00:43:49 ID:UIra4hsV
it was good

2 Name: jr:2023/01/25(Wed) 07:41:27 ID:KVZd9TcC
good for you

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1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/31(Sat) 20:23:48 ID:9p/Yjek3
Pope Benedict XVI dead at 95 years of age, started papacy on 19th April 2005, resigned on 28th February 2013 and died a few hours ago, may he Rest in Peace

2 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/31(Sat) 22:15:26 ID:sVveOhbo
I thought this site died

3 Name: jr:2022/12/31(Sat) 22:15:49 ID:Glpw8T9o

4 Name: VIPPER:2023/01/23(Mon) 07:01:04 ID:rmp3+4dM
good riddance

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【3:4】Heyuri makes Kokonotsuba open-source
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/01/09(Mon) 06:34:39 ID:FOE3fgR3
Kokonotsuba, which used to be KolymaNET's flagship proprietary imageboard software, has been made open-source.

Kokonotsuba used to be on Heyuri, Gurochan, and 9channel, but Gurochan now uses Vichan, 9channel is heavily neglected, and newer properties owned by Kolyma use Vichan.


2 Name: VIPPER:2023/01/19(Thu) 16:03:53 ID:h1vuzK1z
looks like shit tbh

3 Name: jr:2023/01/20(Fri) 01:10:50 ID:AziLrQcv
Then i'll have to see the code for myself when I get home.

4 Name: cockring ◆s/riz74IXI :2023/01/23(Mon) 06:33:35 ID:VoStb9zc
>MIT License
Into the trash it goes!

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【4:1】It's been raining nonstop in Los Angleles
1 Name: VIPPER:2023/01/06(Fri) 00:46:04 ID:Mnccyu21
It's been raining nonstop in Los Angeles for the past week and a half, and looking at the forecast shows almost no improvement for next week.
Keep in mind that it normally never really rains here.

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【5:7】I am Japanese Hikikomori Neet.
1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/21(Wed) 21:35:43 ID:OLfBihoq
Ask Me Anything

2 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/21(Wed) 22:46:24 ID:eJplhrgt
do you dsfargeg???

3 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/22(Thu) 00:49:14 ID:t1Y0XBWN
>>1 https://world2ch.net/lounge

4 Name: jr:2022/12/22(Thu) 01:23:15 ID:YD143vlU

5 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/23(Fri) 01:23:19 ID:KHABlWe6
What's your favorite anime?

6 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/24(Sat) 17:05:29 ID:j6l5iAGp
what is that?



7 Name: derek):2022/12/31(Sat) 14:21:29 ID:MQkjUuT8

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【6:3】Argentina became the world champion in Football
1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/19(Mon) 03:03:25 ID:JdDH4Ihl
Argentina won The World Championship in Football (soccer if you are an ameriturd)

2 Name: jr:2022/12/19(Mon) 06:22:46 ID:GjXbWCcC
I find sports boring as hell, but if you're happy by this, good for you.

3 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/19(Mon) 11:33:58 ID:Wn2nul4+
>>1 The greatest match of all time without a doubt. The energy, the turnaround, the loss of hope, the revival of hope in Messis Goal, the last minute heart stopping save, the penalties, this is literally out of a movie.

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1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/12(Mon) 00:57:35 ID:MQQQ5RZE
I drank coffee this morning.

2 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/12(Mon) 01:56:38 ID:0V6b/e/Q
Did you add cream or sugar to it?
That's the real question.

3 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/12(Mon) 09:02:52 ID:MQQQ5RZE
Cream, along with a peppermint stick.

4 Name: jr:2022/12/17(Sat) 00:05:42 ID:kurBZsbc
Sounds yummy!

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【8:6】admin make us VIPPER please
1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/05(Mon) 19:55:03 ID:VTIFS0vR
admin please

2 Name: Angeleno ◆BMDik3OFd2 :2022/12/06(Tue) 00:52:19 ID:U0NNXsXg

3 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/06(Tue) 01:40:08 ID:gIAXMTGW
NOW! >>3 GET!!!
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄ ̄       (´´
     ∧∧   )      (´⌒(´
        ̄ ̄  (´⌒(´⌒;;

4 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/08(Thu) 19:08:21 ID:6nbZTMOq

5 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/08(Thu) 20:25:26 ID:0vsaVwzF
test failed

6 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/17(Sat) 00:05:12 ID:kurBZsbc

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1 Name: でぶ氏 ◆i4hKv1Uh4Y :2022/12/16(Fri) 00:51:37 ID:VcqaNjqa
Sorry for the long time. This is Mr. DEBUSHI.
I actually made a bulletin board.
Sorry for the late consent.

We think that convenience is the same.
The format is the same as Suspicious World. Please create the genre you want to create.
If you report it on the bulletin board, it may be posted.

2 Name: でぶ氏 ◆i4hKv1Uh4Y :2022/12/16(Fri) 00:55:01 ID:VcqaNjqa

3 Name: jr:2022/12/16(Fri) 05:44:20 ID:3kG+wRsH
very cool Mr. DEBUSHI!

4 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/16(Fri) 16:37:35 ID:Oo4KqFQD

5 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/16(Fri) 16:37:53 ID:Oo4KqFQD
thank you!

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【10:4】anyone else play gikopoi
1 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/10(Sat) 22:20:51 ID:4hwK5S2Y

cool fun 2ch flash game , hang out with VIPPER and meme around, you can even be the sageru bee

2 Name: jr ◆CbtvW6noKQf1 :2022/12/10(Sat) 23:17:28 ID:mo79AeU4

3 Name: x:2022/12/14(Wed) 12:00:42 ID:Bdy1bmj7

4 Name: VIPPER:2022/12/15(Thu) 03:18:04 ID:NkJQ1k07
>>1 That game is dead

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