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If reddit is over...

1 :nulcow:2023/08/03(Thu) 10:46:42 ID:c3u89CKy
So, (even though it's a business, and it should be allowed to control how people use the software which it is paying to host,) people have gotten very irrationally upset over reddit's API changes. I really hope this will allow more people to move off of reddit and start using smaller forums to ask their questions. I think that the social media collapse (Reddit, Twitter, DeviantART) will be better for the internet as a whole.

2 :riffle up ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 :2023/08/05(Sat) 03:08:23 ID:BMMRrzbP

3 :VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 02:43:12 ID:IJ41P2T6
It's been over since the feds killed Aaron

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