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Will world2channel replace reddit?

1 :VIPPER:2023/07/26(Wed) 06:33:45 ID:sAdFTQcA
What the fuck is going on? Will reddit collapse? Will VIP takeover and establish the KAREHA REICH? Will Nanashi dominate the internet once again?

2 :VIPPER:2023/07/28(Fri) 12:30:07 ID:3QM2GCE7
no people just don't understand how bad reddit is

3 :VIPPER:2023/08/06(Sun) 03:37:37 ID:yNhcdCsQ
The golden days of 2channel is long gone. I doubt any normalfags will use a kareha board ever again. Only 5channel is left and most of its userbase is in their 40s. Tragically corporate money has killed our beloved internet.

4 :VIPPER:2023/08/18(Fri) 00:34:42 ID:fcbkPONU
formulating an easy-to-use site that doesn't fall into the obscure sea of shitty discord remakes is... difficult to say the least. the internet is so concentrated it's hard to entice a userbase to post anything but links to their main socials.

5 :VIPPER:2023/09/13(Wed) 22:21:27 ID:xJ/NtqvZ
I hate reddit. it killed off all the forums I used to love. I have no choice but to go to some fucking subreddit for some obscure thing because the forums are now dead or offline. subreddits have no sense of community. their soulless and posting on them is a pain in the ass. 99% of the boards on reddit are complete and total trash. it's /pol/ for scummy liberals and NATO huggers.

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