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Do you lick stones?

1 :VIPPER:2023/06/17(Sat) 16:39:56 ID:NjKrrJKx
Everytime I go into the woods I lick every stone on my way. The next day i have a massive shit because of all the bacteria i got. Of course it's not healthy but I am addiccted to this... I am addicted to feeling of stone on my tounge
Do you also lick stones VIPPER?

2 :VIPPER:2023/06/19(Mon) 04:31:50 ID:uPI+Q64v
Bingo bango bongo I don't want to leave the congo

3 :VIPPER:2023/06/19(Mon) 07:48:07 ID:uPI+Q64v
I lick bones.

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