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Heyuri makes Kokonotsuba open-source

1 :VIPPER:2023/01/09(Mon) 06:34:39 ID:FOE3fgR3
Kokonotsuba, which used to be KolymaNET's flagship proprietary imageboard software, has been made open-source.

Kokonotsuba used to be on Heyuri, Gurochan, and 9channel, but Gurochan now uses Vichan, 9channel is heavily neglected, and newer properties owned by Kolyma use Vichan.


2 :VIPPER:2023/01/19(Thu) 16:03:53 ID:h1vuzK1z
looks like shit tbh

3 :jr:2023/01/20(Fri) 01:10:50 ID:AziLrQcv
Then i'll have to see the code for myself when I get home.

4 :cockring ◆s/riz74IXI :2023/01/23(Mon) 06:33:35 ID:VoStb9zc
>MIT License
Into the trash it goes!

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