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It's been raining nonstop in Los Angleles

1 :VIPPER:2023/01/06(Fri) 00:46:04 ID:Mnccyu21
It's been raining nonstop in Los Angeles for the past week and a half, and looking at the forecast shows almost no improvement for next week.
Keep in mind that it normally never really rains here.

2 :VIPPER:2023/03/22(Wed) 04:08:43 ID:Rls8PfSG
hi angeleno

3 :VIPPER:2023/06/17(Sat) 02:22:25 ID:hGI40y31
Ok now it's been cloudy all day every day for the past month.

4 :VIPPER:2023/06/17(Sat) 09:27:11 ID:/XPom/A6
They say money make a nigga act niggerish

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