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Argentina became the world champion in Football

1 :VIPPER:2022/12/19(Mon) 03:03:25 ID:JdDH4Ihl
Argentina won The World Championship in Football (soccer if you are an ameriturd)

2 :jr:2022/12/19(Mon) 06:22:46 ID:GjXbWCcC
I find sports boring as hell, but if you're happy by this, good for you.

3 :VIPPER:2022/12/19(Mon) 11:33:58 ID:Wn2nul4+
>>1 The greatest match of all time without a doubt. The energy, the turnaround, the loss of hope, the revival of hope in Messis Goal, the last minute heart stopping save, the penalties, this is literally out of a movie.

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