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2ch in Japanese?

1 :jr:2022/12/19(Mon) 06:16:02 ID:H20Zxzpe
Did you know the word for "bean" looks like the world2ch and 2ch logo? (spittoon, pot)
The word for bean in Jp is "豆"

2 :Anonymous:2022/12/19(Mon) 09:52:07 ID:QZPbryQ2
It's supposed to be a 壺 (tsubo, meaning jar/vase), which came from Amezou saying about hiroyuki "管理人のひろゆきは壺でも売っているのか?" ("does the admin hiroyuki sell jars?")

They said this because they thought 2ch users behaved like religious fanatics/cult members, and was referencing the Unification Church who famously pressure people into buying jars (and other items) for extremely high prices for their "ancestral karma" or whatever

Amezou users then began casually referring to 2ch as "壺", and soon after hiroyuki ran with it by putting a jar on the front page

3 :Anonymous:2022/12/19(Mon) 11:37:37 ID:BILmwgAq
>>3 Oddly interesting lol

4 :あぼーん:あぼーん

5 :あぼーん:あぼーん

6 :名無し:2023/04/09(Sun) 17:47:37 ID:QPxMdbuM
lol spambot came to w2ch

7 :名無し:2023/04/26(Wed) 05:20:11 ID:UucgRcKP

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