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File: 1677608521634.png (199206 B, oekaki.png)ImgOps
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199206 B Name Anonymous 23/03/01(Wed)03:22 No. 68  
my NEW original drawing made completely from oekaki

>> Anonymous 23/03/01(Wed)16:21 No.69  
File: 1677655282351.jpg (44963 B, hiroyuki-nishimura-dfb62cc5-1fa9-4f56-9412-c9f6ca805da-resize-750-3060881770.jpeg)ImgOps Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
44963 B
No way. That's amazing. Check out my drawing too!
It's a photorealistic version of hiroyuki.
>> Angeleno ## Admin 23/03/02(Thu)05:57 No.70  
I'm not even going to patch this.

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