1: I am Japanese Hikikomori Neet. (8)   2: It's been raining nonstop in Los Angleles(3)   3: BREAKING NEWS(2)   4: anyone else play gikopoi(7)   5: World2ch turns 20 (kinda)!(3)   6: Got into the Calstate schools I wanted to go to!(1)   7: BREAKING: I GOT DEL TACO FOR BREAKFAST(2)   8: POPE BENEDICT DIED(4)   9: Heyuri makes Kokonotsuba open-source(4)   10: Argentina became the world champion in Football(3)   11: BREAKING NEWS(4)   12: admin make us VIPPER please(6)   13: hallo.(5)   14: who will invite the japanese?(13)   15: LOCAL PUPPY WAS FEED OIL(4)   16: This board now exists(3)  
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