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1 :Anonymous:2022/12/18(Sun) 10:32:32 ID:FN/ojy4u
I've created a bulletin board system, would it be okay if I shared it's link here?

6 :jr:2022/12/18(Sun) 14:46:03 ID:Lww9dSs2
Fuck, it's already blocked for some reason.

7 :Anonymous:2022/12/19(Mon) 02:16:18 ID:???
hey i remember this, you spammed your shitsite on heyuri a few months ago, faggot

8 :Anonymous:2022/12/19(Mon) 02:40:59 ID:???
>>4 World2ch is superior

9 :Anonymous:2022/12/21(Wed) 18:44:19 ID:uj7G17jv
>>6 It lives on a free web host under a free third-level domain, so naturally it's blocked.

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