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Japanese Learning Resources

1 :名無し:2023/01/23(Mon) 16:35:24 ID:m1hK2XjS
Post resources that you use to learn more Japanese.

Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com
Jisho: https://jisho.org

Note: If you find a site or book that is teaching in romaji, avoid it at all costs.

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4 :jr ◆h7EhQrcsuM :2023/02/11(Sat) 13:44:18 ID:nPQy4U72
Knew it

5 :名無し:2023/11/20(Mon) 04:08:08 ID:Q4Yche6q
your local library can actually provide all the resources required for such endeavors as acquiring the japanese toungue

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