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1: Sakomoto(4) 
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1 Name: Nameless:2023/05/29(Mon) 04:52:35 ID:JBu+cooF
Anyone know anything about Sakomoto? I know it was used on Heyuri for a while and is also based on Fikaba (similar to /imgboard/ here). All I know is that it is abandoned and I doubt Maki watches over it too much anymore.

2 Name: Nameless:2023/05/31(Wed) 22:22:04 ID:vt16y8zk
I only ever have heard about it.
You would have a better chance asking on Heyuri ( ´ω`)

3 Name: Nameless:2023/06/29(Thu) 20:08:13 ID:UgS0QRDf
it's on github, and i'm curious too about it.

4 Name: Nameless:2023/09/10(Sun) 00:34:30 ID:fYivmm4l
i heard he's gay

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